Membership Information



Enquiries for 2019 membership can be made from January 1st 2019 and must be made through the "Contact Us" page on this website.


Your details will be forwarded to the Membership Secretary, who will ask you to attend one of our monthly Club meetings to fill in the application forms etc. Attendance is by invitation only.
You must attend to get your name on the waiting list, which begins at the January meeting.

After the meeting in March, if we are certain a space will be available, you will be contacted again and asked to return in April, to join and pay the subscription fee.

If you fail to reply or attend, then your place will be offered to the next person on the list. When all spaces are filled, the remainder of the names on the waiting list will be deleted and the membership process will begin again on January 1st of the following year. If you're serious about joining EDS, please contact us on that date.

Our membership year follows the National Council for Metal Detecting insurance period between April 1st - March 31st, and all members must hold an NCMD card paid for in their membership fee or purchased privately through the NCMD website.

Maximum possible membership was reached in 2016, therefore any future spaces depend on members retiring, wishing to leave or not complying with the rules.

To give you some idea of the number of people wanting to join EDS, in 2016 we had 67 enquiries chasing 26 spaces, in 2017 we had 45 enquiries with only 15 spaces available. This year, 2018, with about 50 people invited to attend and less than a third actually doing so, we managed to squeeze them all in. Once again we are FULL.

Enquiries always exceed places available, but every year, a lot of those invited to attend a meeting simply don't turn up. We assume it's because they can't wait and have changed their mind, or secured a place elsewhere, or realise that they can only use Club land on an organised dig and not whenever they choose.

If you're looking to join a Club, the advice would be enquire during the Winter months. Don't leave it until the Summer, you stand little chance of getting membership anywhere. We'd also like to think you chose EDS in preference, but you probably applied to every club in the surrounding counties, hoping you'd be accepted by one of them.

If you do manage to join us, follow the rules. They are simple, courteous and common sense. Do that and you could be with EDS for life.

Please read the following carefully, it details the costs involved and how and when we organise digs.

Any further questions? Please use the Contact Us page.




A full set of the Rules of the Essex Detector Society will be given to every successful applicant joining the Club, but here is some general information regarding membership fees and dig procedures.

We try to arrange digs most Sundays between late July and October, depending on the availability of the Assistant Site Officers, and we carry on through the winter if enough fields are open. Midweek digs in the early part of the season are also set up when sufficient land and Assistant Site Officers are available.

Our digs are pre-arranged with the Landowner and must have an Assistant Site Officer present to supervise and record the finds. You must register in advance with that person by phone or text, in order to be included on the dig. However, as some sites have restrictions on parking or number of persons allowed, it does mean that on a first come first served basis, you may not be able to go. In the past we have run 2 digs on Sundays to suit the number of members wishing to go out.

All communication is by email, text, phone and Facebook, so we need to be notified of any changes to your contact details.

Our digs are free of charge and only Club members with valid NCMD cards are allowed on Club sites. 

Club sites can only be used for organised digs with an Assistant Site Officer present, and not by individuals at any other time. 

No guests, non-members or animals are allowed, and Junior members must be supervised at all times.

As the Club promotes the social side of metal detecting, we expect you to attend at least 6 meetings in the Club year, between April 1st-March 31st, and also pay the annual subscription by the March meeting, or risk losing your entitlement to rejoin.


Fees for 2018 :-  New members (inc NCMD) -             £30.00

                           New members (who have NCMD) -   £22.00

                           Existing members (inc NCMD) -        £23.00

There is no discount for Junior membership (age 9-16).