Free Recovery Service for all

The Essex Detector Society offers a free recovery service to farmers, land owners and members of the general public.

Very often people lose metal objects, and it can be really difficult to find them without the aid of a good metal detector and skilled operator. Items of jewellery seem to be the most frequent losses, but farmers also often lose tools and items of equipment or need to locate buried pipes etc. We welcome requests to help find lost items and in the past we have enjoyed considerable success.

The Essex Detector Society is also pleased to assist the Police should there be a need to locate metal objects for forensic purposes. Please contact us here and we will do all we can to help, free of charge.




We understand that the loss of jewellery or keys can be traumatic and we will try to make contact as soon as possible, however if the lost items are found before our members can get to you, would you please have the courtesy to email this website or reply to the offers already made, to say our help is no longer required, instead of ignoring our attempts to contact you.


Please supply a mobile or landline phone number along with location and postcode. Unfortunately without these your request will not be processed.




Testimonials from satisfied customers


Monday 29th October 2018 in Enfield.

A request from Emily McDonald to find the remains of metal stakes in a grass field in Enfield where her horses are grazed.

Reply from EDS member Mick Green.

I have just returned.
Three out of five fence spikes found and one happy customer.


Thanks very much, it's a great service that you all offer.

Best wishes,





Sunday 25th March 2018 in Tollesbury, near Maldon

Help with locating a covered over man hole sewer cover in the middle of an unmade road.

I'd just love to say thank you to everyone who got in touch and in particular Peter, who attended site with me today and successfully located the manhole cover.

I couldn't believe the amount of replies and responses I got from the metal detecting community.

I wish you all the best and happy searching

Thanks again

Frank Crossley



Tuesday 15th August 2017 in Heybridge Basin

Search for a wedding ring lost while swimming.


Hooray! hooray! hooray!. I can hardly believe it! Lovely Rye from the society came to Heybridge this morning with his metal detector and found the gold wedding ring I lost last week when swimming in the Blackwater! I just can't thank him enough! Would never have found it without Rye and his wonderful machine.

Pat Smith



Monday 22nd May 2017 in Sawbridgeworth/Lower Sheering

Search for a wedding ring lost while gardening.


Following your email on Saturday, Mike contacted me on Sunday afternoon and after working all night, he dropped round first thing Monday morning on his way home.

Inside the time it took me to say hello, put the kettle on and return with a cup of coffee he found my wedding ring - Awesome job!

In addition to finding it, he spent a load of time explaining about detecting which was fascinating in itself.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet him - I am very grateful to him for his time and efforts, and to the Essex Detector Society for putting me in contact.

Thank you!

Carl Williams



Saturday 9th July 2016 in Fyfield 

Search for a mobile phone lost on a walking trip across fields and paths in Fyfield area.


From: Glynis Kenney
Sent: 10 July 2016 17:53
Subject: Re: lost mobile - Fyfield

Dear Tony and Bruce

Thank you so much for all your efforts yesterday. I very much appreciate the time you put into helping me.

Kind regards




Friday 17th June 2016 in Great Baddow

Search for a lost ring in a garden.


Julie & Nick spent ages in the garden and did everything they could, sadly without success. We will continue searching and let you know if we find it.

Again, many thanks to you all, we had another chap call to see if he could help as Nick arrived, what a wonderful crowd you are

Very best wishes

Paula Cornwell



Monday 16th November 2015 in Great Braxted

Search for car keys lost in field of long grass.


It was a pleasure to meet you today. Just wanted to say thank you very much again for finding my missing keys.

I'll be in touch again if I manage to find any sympathetic farmers who will allow access to their land for metal detecting.


Kind Regards

Val Woodward



Wednesday 11th November 2015 in Ongar

Search for diamond earring in garden and on drive.


This is just to say many many thanks again for finding my special earring today. I am so grateful to you for coming to look for it so quickly and of course for using your skills of detecting to locate the earring in the gravel. I would never have found it.

I have been telling my family and friends today about you and your society. They didn't know a recovery service like this existed so I have spread the word.
I wish you lots of good treasure hunting and hope one day you will find the pot of gold!!
Thanks again.
Best wishes
Shirley Fuller