Find of the Month 2010



1st - Michael White with a Roman A3. (Lazer)


 2nd - Ray McIntosh with a William III Sixpence (Minelab)


3rd - Lee Andrews with an Elizabeth I Penny (Minelab Explorer SE)



1st - Ray McIntosh with a Roman Fibula Brooch (Minelab)


2nd - Lee Andrews with a "Star of David" Cufflink (Minelab Explorer SE)




1st - Dave Isbell with a Gold Edward III Quarter Noble. (Minelab 30S)


 2nd - Michael Kemp with a Henry II Tealby Penny (Minelab) 



1st - Michael Kemp with a 1st/2nd Century Roman Headstud Brooch (T2)


2nd - John Ruggles with a 18th Century Dandy Button(Explorer SE)


3rd - Ray McIntosh with a 17th Century Clothes Clasp (Minelab)




1st - Dave Winchester with an Edward I Penny. (Minelab)


2nd - Lee Andrews with a 1st Century Cunobelin Silver Unit (Minelab) 


Joint 3rd - Ray McIntosh with an Edward III Penny 


 Joint 3rd - Steve Rutherford with an Elizabeth 1st Half Groat (Minelab) 



1st - Dave Winchester with a late 2nd Century Plate Brooch (Minelab)


Joint 2nd - Lee Andrews with a Casket Key


Joint 2nd - Terry Searle with a Silver Cufflink celebrating the marriage of Charles II to Catherine Briganza




1st - Andy Marks with a Female Centaur Sceat.


Joint 2nd - Mike Andrews with an Edward I Penny (Minelab) 


Joint 2nd - John Brown-Lee with a Victorian Three Pence 



1st - Dave Winchester with a Roman Fibula Brooch (Minelab)


2nd - Mike Andrews with a French Coin Weight


3rd - Clive Seldon with a Locket




1st - Mick Kemp with an Edward I Penny.


2nd - Mike Steel with an Elizabeth I Half Groat 



1st - Mick Kemp with a Belt Stiffener


Joint 2nd - Darren Murrell with a Lesney/Matchbox lotus F1 Car


Joint 2nd - James Laughlin with a 17th Century Token


Joint 2nd - Mike Steel with a Rose Gold Propelling Pencil




1st - Terry Searle with a William III Sixpence.


2nd - Darren Murrell with a Roman Minim 


Joint 3rd - Ray Mcintosh with a Celtic Bronze 


Joint 3rd - Dave Winchester with a Roman Trajan Decius (AD 249-251)Bronze 



1st - Darren Murrell with a Prussian Button


2nd - Lee Andrews with a Georgian Shoe/Knee Buckle (Minelab SE)


3rd - Nathan Ellis with a daisy pattern lead token




1st - Anthony Aldrich with a George III Cartwheel Penny.




1st - Mike Andrews with a Dagger Pommel


2nd - Nathan Ellis with a Silver Button




1st - Joseph Rayner with a Henry VII Groat


2nd - Mike Steel with an Edward III Half Groat (London Mint)


3rd - Lee Andrews with an Edward VI Half Penny



1st - Joseph rayner with a Gilded Brass Ring


2nd - Steve Rutherford with a Coin Weight


Joint 3rd - Ray McIntosh with a Horse Decoration


Joint 3rd - Nathan Ellis with a Silver Roman/Med Earring




1st - French Tremissis Merc Vinaian - Robert Browning


2nd - Celtic quarter stater Dubnovellaunus - Lee Andrews


Joint 3rd - Elizabeth I sixpence 1566 - Terry Searle


Joint 3rd - Elizabeth I halfgroat 1560-61 - Dave Winchester



1st - Spectacle buckle - Lee Andrews


2nd - 13thC buckle plate - Mike Steele


Joint 3rd - Roman Brooch - Terry Searle


Joint 3rd - Coffee pot weight - James Williams




1st - Lee Andrews with an Ambiani Stater


2nd - Gillian Wilson with a William III Shilling


Joint 3rd - Michael Steele with a Richard/John Shortcross Cut Halfpenny


Joint 3rd -James Williams with a Julia Domina Antoninianus-Silver Washed



1st - Dave Mockett with a Seal Matrix


2nd - Gillian Wilson with a Silver Gilded Ring


3rd - Michael White with a Horse Brass



1st - Lee Andrews with a Gold Cunobelin Quarter Stater 


Joint 2nd - Michael White with a Charles 1st Halfpenny


Joint 2nd - Michael Fink with an Elizabeth 1st Threepence (1572)



1st - Mike Steele with a 17th century Pipe Tamper


2nd - Michael White with a small Medieval Buckle


3rd - Edward Mason with an Edwardian Silver Fob (1907)



1st - Ray McIntosh with a Celtic Potin 


2nd - Mike Steele with a George II Sixpence (1757)


3rd - Andy Gudgeon with an Edward II Farthing



1st - Ray McIntosh with a Saxon Pin


2nd - Nathan Ellis with an Iron Age La Tene Brooch


3rd - Dave Winchester with a Lead Seal (1250) William son of Jacob