Find of the Month 2011



1st - Mick Green with an Elizabeth I Sixpence 


2nd - Dave Mockett with an Edward I Half Penny


3rd - Peter Minshall with a Charles 1st Penny



1st - Mike Steele with a Celtic Iron Age Mount


2nd - Mick Green with an Edwardian Silver thimble


3rd - Michael Fink with a Stylus



1st - Michael White with an SS Type Celtic Stater 


2nd - Robert Browning with a Charles 1st Half Crown


3rd - Lee Andrews with a Dubnovellanus Quarter Stater



1st - Dave Mockett with a Maximillian Emperadon Coin Ring (Qtr Peso)


Joint 2nd - E Mason with a Barrel Lock


Joint 2nd - Ray Mcintosh with a Crotal bell



1st - Dave Winchester with a Denarius of Septimus Severus 


Joint 2nd - Mike Steel with a HenryII/Richard Cut Half, London Mont


Joint 2nd - Steve Rutherford with a Roman AE1 of Magentius, 350-353AD


1st - Lee Andrews with a Silver Fob Seal (Bird)


Joint 2nd - David Reed with a Heraldic Sexfoil Pendant


Joint 2nd - Dave Winchester with a Roman Fibula 1st Century



Joint 2nd - John Lumsden with a Pilgrims Ampula





1st - Dave Winchester with a Tasciovanus Gold Quarter Stater 


2nd - Robert Browning with a George III Half Guinea 1776


Joint 3rd - James Williams with a Henry III Cut Half - London Mint


Joint 3rd - Michael White with a Commonwealth Penny



1st - Dave Winchester with a Roman Silver Pin


2nd - Michael White with a Bronze Age Wood Gouge


Joint 3rd - James Williams with a 16th Century Thimble



Joint 3rd - Mike Steele with a late 18th Century Silver Clog Clasp





1st - Robert Browning with a James I Sixpence 


2nd - Ray McIntosh with a George III Quarter Quinea


3rd - Tony Robson with a Henry III Voided long cross Penny



1st - Michael White with a Papal Seal


2nd - Edward Mason with a Gold Locket


3rd - Tony Robson with a Coin Weight 1475-1525 French Ecu Au Soleil





1st - Liam Argent with a Roman Bronze AE3 Valens 


2nd - Michael White with a Venetian Soldino (1480-1520)


3rd - Robert Browning with a Henry IV or V Penny



1st - Mike Steel with an 16th Century Crotal Bell


2nd - Robert Browning with a Silver Button


3rd - Liam Argent with a 17th Century Trade Token



1st - Mike Steel with John + Henry III Shortcross Pennies - Found Together


2nd - Robert Browning with a John Penny


3rd - Andrew Drake with a Charles 1st Rose Farthing



1st - John Lumsden with a Medieval Buckle (13th Cent)


2nd - Robert Browning with a Tudor Clothes Clasp


3rd - Mike Steel with a WWII Stalag IV-D Dog Tag



1st - Robert Browning with an early Saxon Thrysma


2nd - Anthony Aldrich with a Celtic Potin


Joint 3rd - Steve Rutherford with a Commonwealth Penny


Joint 3rd - Liam Argent with a George III Shilling



1st - Ray McIntosh with an 18th Cent Mourning Ring 1727


2nd - Steve Rutherford with a Roman Blue Glass Bead


3rd - Tom Wyatt with a Roman Brooch



1st- Robert Browning with a George III Guinea


Joint 2nd - Catherine Aldrich with a Henry VIII Half Groat


Joint 2nd - Steve Connel with a George III Cartwheel Penny


Joint 2nd - Michael White with an Elizabeth I Sixpence


Joint 2nd - Dave Knipe with an Edward I Penny



1st - Nick Argent with a 12 Cent Silver Medieval Seal Matrix with Roman Intaglio

2nd - Anthony Aldrich with a Saxon Buckle

Joint 3rd - James Williams with a 17th Cent Horse Harness Mount

Joint 3rd - Dave Winchester with a Roman Bracelet



1st- Michael White with a Henry VIII Half Penny


2nd - Dave Winchester with a Cunobelin Unit


Joint 3rd - Lee Andrews with an Ambiani Apollos Qtr Stater 150-50BC


Joint 3rd - Darren Cooke with a Silver Hadrian Denarius



1st - Peter Minshall with a Saxon Dagger Guard Pommel Cap

2nd - Dave Winchester with Roman Tweezers

3rd - Liam Argent with a 17th Century Token - Jacob Archer




1st- Mike Steele with a Philip and Mary Sixpence 1557


2nd - Dave Winchester with a Roman Bronze Galienus 253-268AD


3rd - Lee Andrews with a Celtic Bellovaci Quarter Stater


1st - Robert Browning with a Gold Posy Ring

2nd - Dave Winchester with Roman/Saxon Spear

3rd - Nick Argent with a 17th Cent Clothing Fastener



1st- Peter Minshall with a John Short Cross Penny


2nd - Robert Browning with an Elizabeth 1st Threepence


3rd - Ray McIntosh with a pair of Soldinos




1st - Liam Argent with a Duchy of Guelders Jetton (1371-1379)


2nd - Peter Minshall with a Roman 1st Cent Brooch

3rd - Steve Connell with a Weight