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Please contact site officers or the person named as contact, on Friday evenings between 6pm & 8.00pm to confirm attendance for Sunday digs, or Monday/Tuesday evenings for Wednesday/Thursday digs or you can text at anytime.

Note:- these contact times are subject to change according to when Site Officer/Committee member is available to take calls.

Last resort? Email through the "contact us" page of this site and I'll pass it on to the contact for the dig if it arrives in time.


If you do not phone and register in advance you will not be allowed to detect!

Until you are issued with your NCMD card, you are NOT allowed to register for Club digs. Members must collect them in person at a club meeting.




Committee Contact Numbers


Chairman                         Mick White             07496 163065

Treasurer                         Dave Winchester   07765 875274

Site Officer                      Dave Winchester

Membership Secretary   Nick Argent             07887 364249

Secretary                         Nick Argent

Assistant Site Officer      Nick Argent

PRO                                 Tony Robson         07885 428995

Website Admin                Tony Robson

Facebook Admin                       Tony Robson

Assistant Site Officer      Tony Robson

Assistant Site Officer      Don Morris             07743 162096

Assistant Site Officer      Bruce Thirkettle     07540 945224


General Committee Members :

Julie Argent                                                  07503 984053

John Burton                                                  07593 977482



Barnston                             CLOSED

Sparlings                           OPEN

Dave Winchester            01702 205537  --  07765 875274


Bowers Gifford                  PART OPEN

Downham                           PART OPEN

Dave Winchester            01702 205537  --  07765 875274


Brickhouse                        OPEN

Pettits                                 CLOSED

Nick Argent                      01375 642584  --  07887 364249


Rettendon                           PART OPEN

North Benfleet Hall Farm   CLOSED

Don Morris                                                       07743 162096


Walton Hall Farm                 CLOSED

St. Cleres                             CLOSED

Don Morris                                                       07743 162096


Noke Hall Farm                     CLOSED

Tony Robson                   01375 678253  --  07885 428995


Cracknell's Farm .......          CLOSED    ....... Click here for info

Bruce Thirkettle                                               07540 945224




Palmers Farm, Hall Lane, Doddinghurst. CM15 0SH.

Early in 2017 our club unfortunately lost the Palmers Farm permission. This was due to the land owner (and not the actual farmer who we as a club have dealt with over the years) approaching The Brentwood and District Metal Detecting Club and offering them a pay as you dig arrangement, which was subsequently accepted by them. Our club Committee were eventually notified of this arrangement and immediately contacted the BDMDC to discuss the situation. After several telephone conversations and a lengthy meeting with their committee members, we finally negotiated a shared permission arrangement for Palmers Farm. Although this is good news for our members that we have kept this permission to some degree, it is still solely a BDMDC agreement with the land owner which consequently means that our members can only detect on this farm under the banner of the Brentwood Club. Therefore, what this basically means is that if any of our club members wish to go detecting on this farm, you are there only as a guest of the Brentwood Club and not as a Essex Detector Society member. If you are asked this question by the land owner or the farmer whilst you are detecting on this farm, the only answer that should be given is that you are a guest of the BDMDC. We also remind our members to always act as responsible detectorists whilst being a guest of the BDMDC, exactly as you normally would under the Essex Detector Society rules.

Although this is not an ideal situation, the Committee feel that this is the best compromise and may actually suit some of our members. This Pay as you dig arrangement at Palmers Farm will give you the freedom to go detecting when you decide (as long as the fields are available and open) without the need for a Site Officer.

Any problems encountered should be directed to Karen Till (Chair of BDMDC) on 07957979256

Field Status :- 1 CLOSED, 2 CLOSED, 3 CLOSED

Date :-22/8/17


General Rules :-

This farm (consisting of three fields) is now a Pay On The Day site under the Brentwood and District Metal Detecting Club.

EDS members can use the site as GUESTS of the BDMDC.

Payment is £5.00 per person, per day.

Take Doddinghurst Road from Brentwood, about 1 mile past Brentwood Leisure Centre turn RIGHT onto Hall Lane. Farm entrance is about 100yds on LEFT.

Parking area for about 6 cars on side of road next to the wall, OUTSIDE farmyard entrance. Do not park inside farmyard or block entrances or road.

Paybox marked BDMDC is on LEFT side of small barn in the cottage driveway.

***** It is important that EDS members follow this procedure BEFORE visiting Palmers Farm*****

1. Bring 6 envelopes with your NAME and CAR REGISTRATION No. written on them to a monthly club meeting and Nick Argent will stick a label marked BDMDC Guest onto each envelope. Then all you need to do is to add the DATE to the envelope on the day when you visit the farm.

2. Check which fields are available on the Dig Information page of the EDS website and on our Facebook Group page. Only dig those fields marked OPEN. No digging allowed on any field which has been seeded or has crops, these will be marked as CLOSED. Make sure you check field status on website before travelling to farm.

3. You do not need to register with a Site Officer to visit the farm. Go at any (reasonable) time and put each completed and sealed envelope containing £5.00 into paybox.

NOTE :- ONE envelope per person please.

NOTE :- Paybox may be removed outside of digging season.